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ness And Absence

Sickness absence has fallen to an all-time low, 5.8 days per employee, per y ear but... 89% of respondents have seen ‘presentee-ism’ (working whe n unwell) 73% have seen ‘leave-ism’ (e.g. using holidays to work) Many organisations are uncertain how they can tackle these issues, with only a third (32%) taking steps to disc ourage these unhealthy practices
Long-term work absence. The most common causes are: Musculo-skeletal injuries 53% Reported Stress 46% Minor illness 22% Diagnosed Mental ill health 59% Acute medical conditions 46%

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Mental Health At Work
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Employers have a legal duty of care to protect their employee’s mental health and improve their well- being. As an employer, you can help manage and prevent stress by improving conditions at work. But you also have a role in making adjustments and helping someone manage a mental health problem at work.
sound familiar?
Non-disclosure agreements contracts created to protect trade secrets but when used wrongly become secret settlement contracts used to hide wrongdoing by buying the silence of a victim or whistle-blower.
The NDA thing…
You have support.  but you have to talk.
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According to the NHS, people with mental health problems frequently suffer discrimination in the workplace and unemployment affects those with long-term mental health disorders more than any other group of disabled people.


See more about Eden and our commitment to mental health awareness and environmental therapy for families recovering from mental illness.
 Visit our social profiles for updates and news. HELP Outside in   EnvironMental Health   Inside out Employees You have support.  but you have to talk. To our Corporate Community  Jersey recognises your contribution to the prosperity of our island, and there are outstanding examples of employers who demonstrate a genuine commitment in understanding mental illness, and their role in managing the consequences of a stressful workplace.    •	recognise signs of employees in crisis •	accept their responsibilities  •	implement effective prevention and healing policies
Its all very well reminding employers of their legal and moral duties towards mental well- being, As employees we also have a duty to communicate and engage professionally with our employer / manager if we become unwell, be it physical or mental.
Why is it important?
According to experts , one in four of us will endure mental illness whilst being an employee. If you are an employer it means you will have mentally ill employees if not now then in the future, and those of clients and suppliers - do you factor this in to your plans? The mental health Charity MIND found that 56 per cent of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff well-being but don't feel they have the right training or guidance, and that 30 per cent of staff disagreed with the statement ‘I would feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed’. Consider the following from https://www.cipd.co.uk/
Amazing how widespread topsoil is, and yet how expensive it is to buy. We work with local formers and landowners in acquiring topsoil directly from them, and in return they feel good. No plugs or praise desired!


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Corporate Sponsorship is a key component in funding our projects. The sponsor usually donates to us with a specific individual in mind. Digging Deep will work closely with you to ensure a transparent process from start to finish, only limited by confidentiality which will be respected.


Eden Landscape Design Ltd. (Registration number 137943) under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991
Before your project disposes of timber please consider donating your bonfire material to us. We’ll put it to really good use, and by doing so as will you.


Used in combination with soil and plants, tyres make an excellent low level retaining wall and can be made invisible with ground-cover. Excellent when used to make ‘living walls’.


Not suitable for aesthetic purposes, rubble consists of fist sized chunks of concrete and brick used as backfill/infill for retaining walls, under sheds, summer cabins, and patios.


Decorative stone is used in walls, building fascias and for focal points such as water features or in Zen inspired spaces.


Reinforcement bars (Re-bars) are always needed and are used to create structures such as retaining walls, railway sleeper beds, steps, trellis work, and foundations. Even lengths down to 1 m are useful, so offcuts and ends too please.


Perhaps not actual gold, but we do deeply appreciate the local donations we receive from companies, and individuals looking to improve a family’s life in Jersey.


Many corporate sponsors provide their own volunteers from within their company departments. Others are keen to get stuck in because they can.


report an increase in common mental health conditions among employees
60% of respondents said heavy workload is the top cause of stress


closely followed by management style


37% of respondents said that stress related absence had increased in the last year


Stress & Burnout
accounts personal and company tax GST payroll bookkeeping


Its one thing supporting and driving mental health and well-being at work, and its quite another only giving lip service to it for show because, frankly, operational costs are there to be lowered, right? This outdated view will backfire.
Deep Digging Environ mental  health
Digging Deep
This could include anything from timber, steel, concrete blocks or stone. Also; fencing, railway sleepers, old garden lighting, granite counter tops – even labour or transport would be massively appreciated.
In order to provide such a renovation at no cost to the afflicted family, we rely on Corporate Sponsorship to pay for time and materials. In addition, we partner up with local building and construction companies to reuse surplus materials, not only from new constructions but also leftovers from refits and refurbishments.   Digging Deep Sponsor us to help a colleague

The apparent use of NDAs to

cover up wrongdoing around

discrimination, harassment,

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As a non-profit organization, Digging Deep undertakes sponsored garden renovations for current and ex-employees of local businesses who are suffering from work related mental illness. This is generously paid for by local employers and private individuals who are invested in our well-being as a community, and to improve things on a very personal level for individuals and families under the strain of today’s fast paced business environment.

Environmental Therapy addresses a person's surroundings to promote better cognitive,

affective and behavioural health.

NDAs in Compromise Agreements should never be used to cover up illegal and unlawful

activities around discrimination and unlawful dismissal.

Mental Health Clarity